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I visited some library sites to see what benefit they might be to me. The first I noticed was The Unquiet Librarian.  The blog name intrigued me because my library is rarely quiet!  The Blogger was named a School Library Journal 2011 Mover and Shaker.  The posts were long with lots of full size photos and set up more like an overview of  lessons or  projects.  Commentary was on what the lesson was, what was involved in the process and the results she observed as students worked through a given assignment. I especially liked the post about poetry with her middle school students. She described a lesson called Poem Reading Frenzy  that I wondered if I could do with my fifth graders. I’m not much for poetry so I struggle to find something interesting to do with my students and this might fit the bill.

Another blog I visited is called Library Mice and is located in  South West England.  This was blog I could sink my teeth in.  It is strictly a book review blog.  Its content is organized into categories with interesting names like French Friday, Fabulous Five and Picture Book of the Week. French Friday is a pictorial  of book covers which serve as links to their reviews.  All the books in this category are books with French authors. Fabulous Five highlights authors who recommend 5 different books on a related topic, like animal books or Christmas, while Picture Book Carousel is a grouping of books on a given topic with the bloggers personal reviews and summaries. There are also links to guest posts where authors have written for the blog and an area where the reader can write and ask questions.

My final librarian blog is The Daring Librarian.   This blog is a mix of reflections on things like new technology, new ideas and current projects in her library. Her current activity looks amazing and revolves around Pokémon Go and using QR codes in the library. Throughout each post she provides the reader with a number of links that help with the current project or modifying the project to fit the readers needs and limitations. One of my favorite posts that I read here was 5 Ways to Reflect, and Not Regret, Teaching.  The blogger, Gwyneth Jones, has a number of awards listed including a 2015 Eddie, SLJ over and Shaker 2011 and is a certified Google Innovator and her energy and positive outlook seem endless.

I enjoyed each of these blogs for different reasons.  As I went through the Librarian Mice site, I realized I could have students blog about books they are reading and provide opinions and summaries for classmates or teachers to see.  Blogs could also be used for student reflection on projects.  Professionally, blogs could be used as a tool for administration to see what is happening in classrooms throughout the school,  for teachers to share ideas  and provide feedback to each other.  Professional blogs could be used in professional development by providing examples and information on a needed topic from teachers all over the word.

Blogs in the library can b used for many things! Blogs allow Librarians to share insights into lessons and projects, share ideas or ask questions, find resources and receive feedback from the library community whether school base or world wide. Students can receive information from the librarian after school hours. Blogs allow students and staff to ” …access from any digital device, whether computer, mobile phone or ipad and from anywhere in the world…”(Penfold, p.25)  While a library blog can do all of these things, during a time when some librarians jobs are on the cutting block, it can also be used as a marketing tool for the library or the librarians career. Blogs can “remind school leaders and of course the principal, about the extensive value of this resource and the usefulness of the teacher librarian.” (Penfold, p. 25)

Penfold, Francesca. “The School Blog As Digital Hub.” Access (10300155) 27.1 (2013): 24-25. Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts with Full Text. Web. 25 Oct. 2016.


One thought on “Library Blogs

  1. slm508ssl says:

    I am so glad you shared the Unquiet Librarian. I had never seen this blog before and it is really interesting. I also enjoyed Library Mice. It can be hard to have time to read each and every book, to find someone who’s reviews you trust is a great thing!


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